Personal Assistant Job Description

Job Brief Description:

Personal assistant, or PA, has evolved through the years. When it comes to the job description, it has gone a very long way. It is someone who aids and assists individuals in business and personal matters. He attends to what his superior can't attend to.

The job of the assistant is easy to describe but very difficult to perform. The person generally works in a pressure cooker environment and the actual tasks depend on the nature of the industry in which the person is employed in. Confidence, clarity of thought and alertness are very essential requirements for the assistant.

Job Responsibilities:

1. Handling the daily activities of the manager or the executive they are working for. This includes handling phone calls, meetings and appointments.

2. Apart from these responsibilities, this job also demands to take care of small yet, important matters like managing the accounts, checking on the stationery, writing minutes, taking dictations and so on.

3. Many times, a personal assistant is also expected to handle unofficial work of the principal, which usually happens in case of ministers, millionaires, or movie stars.

4. Keeping the boss updated about the recent updates like emails, letters and information of similar nature.

5. Preparing correspondence on behalf of the boss.

6. In case the job involves traveling, a personal assistant is expected to make all the necessary arrangements and accompany the boss, if it is required.

Training and Education Requirements:

Personal assistants may not need education beyond a high school diploma.

High school graduates with some experience in an executive support role may already have the skills needed to become a personal assistant, but completing a certification program in a related field may increase their chances of employment.

Salary and Wages:

How much you charge depends on the type of services you provide and the number of hours you work. You should receive an annual salary rather than an hourly wage. That way, if you finish the work in two hours rather than six, it will not make a difference in your salary.

Aim for an annual salary of approximately $50,000 per client. This is a base salary. Charge extra for special services or longer hours. Once you know what your normal working hours are, you may be able to take on another client.

Personal Assistant Resume